Our New Practice

Click here to see some images of the new office renovations.

We are very excited to announce the merger of Woodbury Dental Center into Woodbury Family Dentists. Dr. Melanee Chmiel and her husband, Dr. Chris Chmiel have owned and operated Woodbury Dental Center for the past 4 years and she will continue to practice within the Woodbury Family Dentist family. This merger is allowing both Dr. Melanee and Dr. Chris more time at home with their two children and the ability to continuing practicing in an office that shares the same exceptional care they have been giving to their patients for years.

This merger will allow more days and more doctors to see patients with the continued care they have come to expect. We will be open five days a week with late appointment availability.

On July 30th, Woodbury Family Dentists will move from our current office (8325 City Centre Dr.), into the former office of Woodbury Dental Center, right next door at 8375 City Centre Drive. To accommodate the two merged practices and three doctors, we will be remodeling across the hall. That’s right, we are building a new practice and construction will take about four months. We will still be open five days a week to address any dental needs of our patients.

We all look forward to seeing you at your next dental visit or feel free to stop in and check out all that is happening at Woodbury Family Dentists.